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For Kids

School is back in session and a chance to enroll your child in our After School Tennis Program has just opened up! Our program gives kids the chance to improve their skills on and off the court, all while having fun!

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After School Program Details

Our After School Tennis Program runs in four-week sessions from 5:30pm to 7:30pm Monday through Friday and it includes the following:

30 minutes of fitness each day, instructed by Raynald Ray.

1.5 - 2 hours of tennis training that includes the physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects of tennis.

The players will learn what is needed on foot work, racket body work, stroke techniques as forehand, backhand, serve and grip to improve their game.

After School FIT Camp Dates

2023 - 2024

Session 1: Aug 14th - Sept 8th

Session 2: Sept 11th - Oct 6th

Session 3: Oct 9th - Nov 3rd

Session 4: Nov 6th - Dec 1st

Session 5: Dec 4th - Jan 12th

Session 6: Jan 15th - Feb 9th

Session 7: Feb 12th - Mar 8th

Session 8: Mar 18th - April 12th

Session 9: April 15th - May 10th

Session 10: May 13th - June 7th

Full Time

We also offer a full time program package that runs from August 15th, 2022 to June 9th 2023. It includes...

Morning and afternoon tennis sessions Monday through Friday & an additional morning session on Saturday or Sundays.

3 hours of practice on court & an additional 1.5 - 2 hours of fitness.

Tennis education including nutritional and sports mental/emotional aspects of the game.

Price is subject to change if a player requests additional elements.*

How Your Child Will Improve


Fundamental movement skills for mobility and motor control.


Increasing strength, speed, power, and endurance.


Comprehensive knowledge of technical and .

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©2022. FIT HP Tennis Academy.